Cosmetic Dentistry - Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How can I locate a competent cosmetic dentist?

Locating the right cosmetic dentist with good skills will be critical to a positive outcome for you and your new smile. You must think about a number of issues starting with the credentials the dentist brings to the table and what kind of ongoing training they have had to hone their skills and keep them up to date. There are a number of sources to locate a highly skilled dental expert in your area. Start by searching association databases online, speak to the local dental association for several referrals and do not forget to verify the dentist's licenses through the national associations [you can locate this on the Internet as well]. Your family doctor is also a good source for a referral.

Will my crowns, bridge, caps, veneers, or implants be colored correctly?

That is a fair question. Normally the dentist will thoroughly clean and whiten your natural teeth to an appropriate and satisfying color to your liking. The next step is for your cosmetic dentist to have any new teeth or veneers made to that same shade. Teeth are certainly not 100 % identical, so there will be more than one shade utilized to make them as natural as possible. This is an important procedure since it means the difference between having teeth that look fake or artificial as opposed to innate. Having the slightest color variation through color contrasting makes your smile appear rejuvenated and quite natural. Attention is paid to how internal light plays on the finish of the teeth and the texture of the surface aids in breaking up any reflective light on the new dental work aiding in the natural look.

Should I be able to see my own cosmetic dental treatment plan?

People often ask if they can see what their cosmetic dentistry treatment plan will look like and there is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to see yours. You will have a far better understanding about the assessment and plan execution that your cosmetic dentist will be performing on you.

Why do teeth become dull and off color?

Tooth discoloration happens for a number of reasons. It can be age related, staining can occur and there can also be chemical harm done to the teeth. People who smoke, drink tea, coffee, and soda beverages on a routine basis should consider having teeth whitening done and they will certainly have a need more often than most people. Prior to expensive dental procedures being completed for teeth discoloration a patient should try simpler teeth whitening techniques first.

When should I consider dental bonding?

Bonding is a composite colored to match your teeth that is much like enamel and it is bonded to your teeth. It is primarily utilized to repair teeth or modify the shape or color of a tooth. After it is bonded to the tooth it is then shaped, hardened, and buffed up through polishing. Teeth that are semi decayed or chipped are often repaired using the bonding procedure. It will often be used to fill smallish cavities due to the natural coloring or for fractured and chipped exteriors. Bonding has also been used to close gaps between teeth and it can also cover the whole exterior surface of a tooth to alter the color and shape.

How can I fix missing teeth?

The primary purpose of a bridge is to act as a substitute for missing teeth. They both close up the unattractive gaps left by lost teeth but they act as a supporting structure for neighboring and opposite end teeth. Your dentist may also offer the option of using a dental implant to fill the gap.

If teeth are rough looking and uneven how can they be repaired?

In certain situations a rudimentary reshaping process is all that is required for the front teeth and can be completed without anesthesia. The results are often amazing to correct the unevenness, chipped and jagged teeth. Your cosmetic dentist uses small sanding devices and a bit of creative inspiration to produce a natural looking repair that blends nicely with natural teeth.

If I have a weak biting surface can anything be done to fix this?

Absolutely, crowns not only act as a great cosmetic dentistry option but they also serve a practical purpose. A crown is lowered over the existing tooth and substitutes for much of the enamel. It envelops the tooth and this provides stability and sturdiness so the biting surface regains its strength.

What are Porcelain and Ceramic Inlays?

Porcelain inlays are thought to have decent durability and are produced by a method that permits a good deal of precision when setting the inlay in place. Porcelain inlays attach to the tooth and enhance the total might of the tooth. This inlay variety might be a little more expensive than other filling techniques, though. A ceramic inlay will often be utilized for repairing back teeth. They are made tough and sturdy from industrial ceramic compound. They are glued in place using a special adhesive and can support damaged portions of teeth in position. Their appearance is nearly impossible to tell from a natural tooth and they stand up far better than a regular filling.

What is so exceptional about porcelain laminate veneers?

Often the cosmetic changes necessary in the mouth are too severe for just bonding. It is now when porcelain laminate veneers shine! Porcelain veneers are also known as laminates and they can make a smile amazing. The porcelain laminate procedure is rapid, pain free, and impressive. They could alter the shape, color, size and the actual array of your teeth and any combination of the latter. They are sometimes used as a substitute for orthodontic procedures. The most exciting thing about porcelain laminate veneers is the short period of the treatment, only a couple visits and you are done.

How long do veneers and crowns last?

The length of time your crowns or veneers last mainly depends on you. Various factors come into play here such as your level of maintenance at home, whether or not you follow up with regular dental exams and care and of course the superiority of the veneer or crown you choose.

Should I opt for an extraction or a Root Canal for a lower molar?

It is a fact that an extraction is the alternative to having a root canal, but one should understand the drawbacks of an extraction. There is a noticeable difference in your ability to chew your food. Failure to fill the gap left from the extraction means your other teeth could shift to compensate for the gap. When this occurs lower teeth will become spaced and the upper tooth can over erupt into the gap below it. There is a chance this can mean an occlusion – or the lining up of the upper and lower teeth. This can cause issues with your Temporomandibular joint or TMJ. Failure to act soon enough to replace the tooth can make the process more difficult later on. You should open a dialogue regarding all your options with your dentist. Cost can also be a factor here so learn the facts.

Do pregnant women require fluoride in their toothpaste?


I have an irrational fear of dentists due to previous issues in the chair, what can be done to repair my failing teeth?

No fear is irrational if it your own. You obviously had a bad experience with a previous dentist and now you require dental treatment and the resources are available for you like never before. Many people have high anxiety where the dentist is concerned and to assist these people we now have techniques that make dental procedure pain and anxiety free. You can choose to have sedation and be in an extremely relaxed state or even asleep during your procedures. Sedation using nitrous oxide is absolutely safe and more common these days than ever. A dental professional highly trained in the use of sedation gas will administer the nitrous oxide during your procedure and when the dentist completes the treatment you will be awake, aware, and even able to make your own way home after only a few minutes. If you have any anxiety regarding the dentist there is no reason why you cannot have treatments performed on you that are painless and anxiety free. Dental techniques have dramatically changed in the years since your last visit and you will be surprised how simple it can be for you.

I have four Wisdom Teeth. Do I have to extract them?

It is best that you visit us to determine if an extraction is really needed.

Will there be gaps between teeth after removal of wisdom teeth?

It is unlikely that teeth drift backwards producing gaps in the front teeth after removal of wisdom teeth. Commonly, there may be slight crowding/misalignment of the front teeth as one ages, independent of the presence of wisdom teeth. This is due to the narrowing of the jaw resulting in less arch space at the lower jaw.

Is gum disease related to pre-mature labour or low birth weight babies in pregnant women?

Research suggests that the bacteria that cause inflammation in the gums can actually get into the bloodstream and target the fetus, potentially leading to premature labor and low birth weight babies. This response may be even more common in diabetic women.

I have some gaps in my front teeth. Will braces help to close these gaps?

Yes, braces will help close up the gaps in your front teeth. However, there is still a chance of relapse as in the gaps opening after completion of the treatment. To prevent this, you need to put on retainers to help retain your teeth after your braces are taken out. Generally, it takes about 2 years or more for the treatment using braces. However, it depends on the severity of the misalignment and hence the duration of treatment differs among individuals. I would advise that you consult an orthodontist (specialist) to discuss about your treatment, cost and duration.

How are braces removed? Is it a long process?

It is a quick process. The wires and brackets are first removed followed by the molar bands. It is not painful but you would need some time getting used to the new smooth surfaces of your teeth.

What are the differences between ceramic braces and metal braces?

Ceramic brackets (with metal slots) do not stain. It is the modules that are transparent or opaque white that stain. You could choose coloured modules to overcome this. Ceramic brackets are more bulky and more expensive than the metal ones. However the treatment time is almost the same with both types of brackets.


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