After Care Instruction

Mouth care after a Crown Procedure

Crown Procedure requires post procedure care.

1) Try to avoid using the side of your mouth with the crown.
2) Avoid chewy/sticky foods such as chewing gum, caramel, etc. These foods can stick to the crown and pull it out.
3) Be careful while cleaning your mouth.
4) You might find your gum tissue sensitive to certain types of food, if this occurs rinse your mouth with warm water and salt.
5) Do not bite the crown for few hours; allow it to set so the cement can harden to its full strength.

If you find the crown is loose or sense soreness in your mouth, please contact your dentist.

Mouth care after an Extraction

Mouth care after an extraction is extremely important for fast healing and reducing pain, which may be experienced post extraction.

Types of food to eat: After an extraction avoid solid foods and take only soft foods for a few days. Avoid drinking alcohol, hot drinks, drinking from a straw, smoking or flossing vigorously.
Bleeding and its care: A little bleeding after the extraction is normal. To control it you must bite on gauze placed by your dentist. If the bleeding continues, bite on a regular tea bag as the tannic acid in the tea bag helps to control bleeding. Biting on gauze or the tea bag will stop bleeding.
Swelling and its care: Wrap ice in a towel and hold against cheek near extraction site. Apply it periodically till the swelling reduces.
Rest well: Post extraction, rest well and sleep with head in elevated position. Brush your teeth gently and keep extracted area clean.

If you experience extreme bleeding, swelling, fever or pain, please consult your dentist.

Mouth care after Root Canal Therapy

During root canal therapy your dentist will remove pulp from the center of decayed tooth and fill the pulp cavity. Once anesthetic wears off you might feel a throbbing pain. After care is important to reduce pain and heal faster.

1) Do not eat anything for few hours post root canal therapy.
2) Medication is very critical hence take prescribed medicine on time.
3) Give time for filling to set and harden, do not touch tooth with filling unnecessarily.
4) Brush and floss gently.
5) Do not eat hard or chewy foods.
6)Soreness in mouth near treated area is expected but if you are experiencing prolonged pain and soreness beyond a week, please contact your dentist.

Mouth care after Scaling and Root Planing

After scaling and root planing, experiencing soreness and pain is normal. However time of healing and pain can be reduced to great extent by taking proper medicine and care.

1) Brush your teeth gently as the gum tissues might be tender.
2) Rinse your mouth with saline rinse or antimicrobial rinse for a week.
3) Avoid chewing hard food such as tough meat or raw fruits and vegetables.
4) For tooth sensitivity, use a desensitizing toothpaste which consist potassium nitrite.

Mouth care after Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening are done to improve color and smile. Care is needed after teeth whitening procedure to maintain the shine and whiteness of teeth. Following steps can be taken to maintain your pearly teeth.

1) Brush twice a day with tooth paste which has whitening property.
2) Beverages like tea or coffee can stain and turn your teeth yellowish. Use straw while drinking such decolorizing liquid.
3) Floss your mouth after taking your meals and snacks.

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