~ Testimonials

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Mahajan for a very long time. We value his insight, knowledge and direct approach to dentistry. The staff members are pleasant, always accommodating and full of positive energy. When your children (ages 11, 8 and 6) are excited to go to the dentist, you know you have a winner! Thank you Dr. Mahajan and staff for years of exceptional dental health!

~ Kelly
Waterloo, Ontario

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Mahajan for nine years. We all receive excellent care for our individual needs. Our care has included regular appointments, hygienist cleaning, emergency appointments, root canals, crowns, submission of insurance claims and referral to orthodontic and periodontics professionals. Dr. Mahajan and staff are caring and efficient in making each and every visit as stress free and pleasant as possible.

~ Elaine
Waterloo, Ontario

Dr. Mahajan is wonderful! He has been extremely accommodating to myself and my family. My husband and I had gone a few (too many!) years without a proper checkup and cleaning, my parents always had great things to say about Dr. Mahajan and all the staff. We were both nervous for our first appointments… but they went very well! We were embarrassed about going so long without a checkup/cleaning but nevertheless all the staff here made us feel so comfortable. Dr. Mahajan is very kind and gentle- he is wonderful. Our 4 year old son even sat in the "big chair" for a checkup and it went great! (He had previously visited a pediatric dentist and it was tears and screaming from start to finish) We will be referring everyone here - "young" and "old".

Thank You!!!

~ Krista
Kitchener, Ontario

To all the staff:
I have never liked the way my teeth looked, even when I was a little girl. I was always hesitant to smile. Even though my teeth were not healthy, my view of what they looked like affected me. I have been told many times by others that I had always looked sad. It stems from the fear of what they look like. Now! My smile is new. I have to learn to smile, like I had to learn to hear again. Thanks to Dr. Mahajan I have the self-esteem that I never had before. His intelligence along with his guidance has made me a new, confident person and in my opinion that is very important. Throughout my visits the staff has watched me come in to the office, and yet every visit was a pleasure. You have me for life Dr. Mahajan!
Steven and I are thankful and appreciate the hard work and dedication. You have made a difference in my life and I can't thank you enough. I am so proud of my new smile and of being your patient.
Always grateful.

St. Clements,Ontario


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