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Laser dentistry is turning out to be the most popular choice among patients as it facilitates bloodless and painless surgeries and treatments which are extremely safe. Waterloocosmeticdentistry offers laser Dentistry surgeries, Laser assisted bleaching, reduction in tooth sensitivity and procedures which are bloodless, painless, precise and extremely safe.
Laser dentistry is extremely precise, painless, advanced and safe.
Procedures performed using soft tissue laser is highly effective and precise with following advantages:-

1) Stitches after laser dentistry surgery may not be required
2) As this is extremely precise hence damage to adjacent tissues is extremely low and healing and regeneration of tissues are very fast
3) Procedures performed using laser involves very low blood loss.
4) In many cases anesthesia is not needed and is only used if patients demand it
5) Laser beam sterilizes the exposed area reducing the chances of bacterial infection in exposed area to zero.
6) Can be used around metal in mouth
For patients who fear dental procedures use of laser is ideal.
Following are the application of Laser dentistry Procedures involving Hard tissue

1) To detect Cavity
2) Dental filling: anesthetic injection and traditional turbine dental drill are not required if Hard tissue dental lasers are used in dental filling procedure.
3) Cure Tooth sensitivity: Dental lasers cure hot and cold tooth sensitivity by sealing tubules

Application of Dental Laser involving Soft Tissue

• Improve gummy smile appearance
• Crown Lengthening: Dental laser can reshape gum tissues and bone also called crown lengthening as it exposes healthier tooth structure.
• Laser Frenectomy: Laser treatment is perfect option for Children who have difficulty in talking due to tight frenulum and babies who can’t breast feed due to limited tongue movement.
• Painless removal of soft tissues due to ill fitting dentures.
Other Laser Dentistry Applications
• Dental laser can be used for internal view of tooth and gum in real time
• Can be used to remove Benign Tumors from the gums, palate, sides of cheeks and lips
• For nerve regeneration
• Cure cold sores and reduces healing time
• Cure breathing problem related due to sleep Apnea.This problem is caused due to tissue overgrowth in areas of throat, and can be cured using a laser assisted uvuloplasty or laser assisted uvula palatoplasty (LAUP) procedure.
• Used in Tooth whitening
• Temporomandibular Joint Treatment: Dental lasers may be used to quickly reduce pain and inflammation of the temporomandibular jaw joint.

Dr. Sumesh Mahajan and Dr. A.R.Jones mainly uses soft tissue laser and have performed numerous procedures suing Lasers.Kindly call us to fix an appointment with them for Laser dental procedures


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