Dental Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is special branch of dentistry which deals with the straightening of teeth and perfect and harmonious bite(occlusion).Orthodontic is most sought after treatment as it makes your smile and teeth perfect. People for ages have suffered from crooked and protruding teeth. To solve crooked teeth problem people started wearing metal braces at early age.
There are two disadvantages though:
1) Metal braces make teeth unappealing for time they are worn. This results in low confidence and self esteem in a person wearing them.
2) Many people realize that their teeth are not as perfect as they would like at late stages when they can not afford to look anything less than perfect.

Invisalign: Invisible Braces

Waterloo Cosmetic Dentistry, Waterloo, Ontario offers invisible braces for people of all ages. These braces are extremely aesthetic and invisible so nobody will even come to know that you are wearing braces and moreover there is no restriction on eating while you are wearing the braces. Invisalign is a beautiful, invisible and non interfering alternative to metal braces. Invisalign consists of aligner trays made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that is worn on teeth to make them straight and properly aligned. Invisalign Process is fairly new and not many dentists have expertise in this process.
When you go for Invisalign treatment process your dentist will take x-ray, photographs, bite registration and impression of your teeth and gum. After this softwares like Treat,CAD-CAM are used to create 3D representation of patient teeth. This 3D model is iterative process where particular model is made after studying alignment and movements of jaw and teeth. Duration of treatment
Duration of treatment: many aligners are provided and patient need to wear aligner for 20 hours a day. Total treatment duration is around 14 months in which dentist might order for refinement. For brushing, flossing and eating patient can remove the aligner. If you are looking for beautiful aligners to achieve beautiful teeth and have queries, feel free to call us at Waterloo Cosmetic Dentistry.

Metallic Braces

Metal braces are still most used braces because of their time tested performance and affordability. Duration for which one person has to wear metal braces depends on age of the person at the time of wearing braces and complexity of situation. Waterloo Cosmetic Dentistry offers metal braces after thorough evaluation using x-ray and chart out the course of treatment which helps you in straightening teeth. At Waterloo Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer modern smaller version of metal braces without unwanted elastic.

If you are looking for beautiful aligners(braces) to achieve beautiful teeth and have queries, Feel free to call us at Waterloo Cosmetic Dentistry.


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