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Waterloo Cosmetic Dentisry offers whole gamut of dental procedures. Treatment of any patient starts with consultation. Solution and procedure are decided upon after analyzing a patient problems, preferences and needs. Patients are educated well about the procedures, precautions and expected results. We employ advanced techniques and technologies which make dental procedures like teeth whitening, teeth grinding, root canal, tooth extraction, dental cosmetic surgeries etc pain free experience.

We offer following dentistry services

1) General Dentistry
2) Cosmetic Dentistry

‘ Waterloo Cosmetic Dentistry is a dental Practice in Waterloo,Ontario which offers low cost cosmetic dentistry,Cosmetic dental services,teeth straightening, gum reshaping, cosmetic contouring, white fillings, teeth whitening, cavity filling, tooth replacements, dental implants and other dental services under Dr. A.R.Jones and Dr. Sumeshesh Mahajan. ’


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